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伊藤 悠吾/Yugo Ito/ダゲレオタイプDaguerreotype/湿板写真WetPlateCollodion/乾板写真DryPlateCollodion/ - Materialising the moments -
"Oblivion Terror" x "Craving For Existence" x "Physical Linkage" x "Impermanence" x "Physical Photography"

Darkroom Camera in Giroux Daguerreotype Style

伊藤 悠吾 Yugo Ito Materialism イトウ写真館 日本 Japan ダゲレオタイプ daguerreotype 다게레오타입 銀版攝影法Wet Plate collodion Process 湿板写真 湿板コロディオンプロセス 습판사진 濕版攝影法 Dry Plate Collodion Process 乾板写真 乾板コロディオンプロセス 건판사진 干版攝影法 Ambrotype アンブロタイプ tintype ティンタイプ

[fade]Darkroom Camera
in Giroux Daguerreotype Style


지로 다게레오타입 암실 카메라


giroux daguerreotype camera ジルーダゲレオタイプカメラ

[fade]I have tried to built a huge darkroom camera since 2018 February, which is going to become in the shape of Giroux Daguerreotype camera. Literally, This darkroom camera is going to be in use as a camera. Customer Giroux Daguerreotype camera was the first commercially-produced camera in the world (1839, Paris). Customer can get in this darkroom and experience the development of their Daguerreotype/Wet Plate Collodion/Dry Plate Collodion photo with me together. I have drawn the plan and built it by my own so it is due for completion before this winter. [/fade]


[fade]<< Updated : 7th November 2018 >>[/fade]

Giroux Daguerreotype Camera ジルー ダゲレオタイプ カメラ wet plate dry plate collodion yugo ito physical photography materialism

[fade]Still under construction…[/fade]

[fade]Still Under Construction . . .

<< Updated : 7th November 2018 >>[/fade]