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"Oblivion Terror" x "Craving For Existence" x "Physical Linkage" x "Impermanence" x "Physical Photography"

[+ Around the world honeymoon]

[fade]Around the world honeymoon
with a photographer[/fade]


[fade]Probably, you also have witnessed to a scene of traditional wedding shooting on the street when you took a trip to a tourist site. However, why the photographer always poses the couple and only take classic wedding photos. And, why the couple also only expects the classic style. 

Here is a Japanese couple carrying out documentary wedding shooting, accompanied by a photographer.
They dared to ask me to follow their whole round-the-world trip to take their photos. I kept them at a distance not to disturb their privacy as possible as I can and recorded their honeymoon. I am very thankful to them for making my dream come true.

If you have interest in this documentary style, please do not hesitate to make contact with me. I would love to come with you guys if time permits.[/fade]

[fade]Shutter Released


[fade] Honeymoon

[fade]Honeymoon Documentary
(Dressed Up)[/fade]