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伊藤 悠吾/Yugo Ito/ダゲレオタイプDaguerreotype/湿板写真WetPlateCollodion/乾板写真DryPlateCollodion/ - Materialising the moments -
"Oblivion Terror" x "Craving For Existence" x "Physical Linkage" x "Impermanence" x "Physical Photography"

[+ Land/Cityscape]


International Black & White Photography Contest

~ Monochrome Awards 2018 ~


1st Place Winner
Architecture Photographer Of The Year 2018


Man-made objects towering high to man-made heaven.

乾板写真 dry plate china 中国

Three systematic man-made objects. As if it towers high to heaven. What kind of mercy would it provide in the end?

Handmade Dry Plate Collodion Process, 4x5inch,
28th Aug 2017




[fade]More photos of Hawaii? London? Milano? Santorini? NY City? . . .[/fade]

[fade]Around the World Honeymoon!![/fade]



Images are under maintenance …

[fade]The pity is that modern tourists are utterly absorbed in taking photos during their journey. What has had you doing so? The unconsciousness has you doing so. The unconsciousness feels that digesting unexpected many occurrence that keep happening in front of eyes is beyond its capacity. If you take photos on the spots, you don't feel “unease”. Because, the unconsciousness makes you believe that you can experience the experience with the tons of the photos over a cup of tea after the journey.
It's good. We should appreciate this technology. However, is it only me who feels that a vague sense of missing an important something remains. 

On a whim, I just tried holding my film camera in front of chest instead of holding up it in front of eyes. And until the exposure time ends, I enjoyed the scenery for a few minutes instead of looking through a viewfinder. After a month, I developed this film.
Although capturing a moment has become a synonym for a camera, surprisingly, I got a feeling that this uniquely vague shaking image style formed by my heartbeat has resembled my imagery of the city of London in my mind.[/fade]



Images are under maintenance …

[fade]Disappearance? No, it is Absorption.
On these film sheets, there are innumerable photon that touched each person passing by. With the intention of  getting senses of “Quietness”, “Loneliness” and “Simplicity”, most of photographer use Long-exposure. But, I cannot fit in with that sense, or rather I use long-exposure to compress people, time and air etc. into a picture. It is a quite opposite side of the sense of “Emptiness”.[/fade]