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伊藤 悠吾/Yugo Ito/ダゲレオタイプDaguerreotype/湿板写真WetPlateCollodion/乾板写真DryPlateCollodion/ - Materialising the moments -
"Oblivion Terror" x "Craving For Existence" x "Physical Linkage" x "Impermanence" x "Physical Photography"

[+ Dry Plate Collodion/乾板写真/건판사진]

[fade]Handmade Dry Plate Collodion
자작 건판사진

Materialising the moments.
The photo which grows with us.

Dryplate collodion process, 乾板, 건판사진, China, 中国, 中國, 중국




"The start of Mass Production"


Ten years after the Collodion process was developed, in 1871, British physician Dr. Richard L. Maddox invented “photographic dry plate”.

It’s called “dry” because it’s possible to remain photosensitive even when the surface is dried, and it makes shooting possible without a darkroom nearby. The portability was greatly improved.

However, the collodion solution invented by Maddox had a problem of low photosensitivity because it was initially sensitive only to blue light. However, two years later in 1873, German photochemist Hermann Vogel improved it to be sensitive to green and yellow light as well. And in 1878, the photosensitivity was further improved by Charles Harper Bennett, finally raised to the point where shooting without a tripod became possible.

The biggest improvement by “photographic dry plate” was that mass production was since industrially possible. As it can be purchased in bulk and develop anytime people want, “Wet plate photo” got obsolete quickly . As a result, the photograph is no longer only for experts with equipment, skills and knowledge.[/fade]




“공업적 대량생산의 시작”


콜로디온 프로세스가 개발되고 10년 후의 1871년, 영국인 의사 리처드 리치 매덕스가「사진건판」이라는 것을 발명했습니다.

「건조」의「건」 글자 그대로, 콜로디온의 막면(膜面)이 건조해도 촬영을 할 수 있게 되어 카메라와「사진건판」만으로 촬영하러 나갈 수 있게 된 것입니다. 촬영 직전과 촬영 직후의 암실 작업으로부터 해방 되면서, 사진의 휴대성(이동성)이 높아졌습니다.

그러나, 매덕스에 의해 발명된 콜로디온 용액은 당초 푸른 빛으로 밖에 감광하지 않았기 때문에, 감광도가 낮다는 문제가 있었습니다. 그러나, 2년 후의 1873년, 독일인 광화학자 헤르만 포겔에 의해 녹색과 황색의 빛에도 감광 하도록 개량 되었습니다. 그리고 그 감광성은 1878년, 영국인 찰스 하퍼 베넷에 의해 더욱 개선되어 마침내 삼각대 없이 촬영이 가능한 수준까지 올랐습니다.

「사진건판」에 의한 가장 큰 진전은, 공업적으로 대량생산이 가능하게 된 것이었습니다. 상자로 구입해 언제든지 현상작업이 가능해져, 순식간에「습판사진」은 설 자리를 잃어 갔습니다. 이로써, 사진은 설비·기술·지식을 가진 전문가만의 것이 아니게 되었습니다.[/fade]










[fade]Basically, I use only one dry plate (handmade) for one spot. Taking a beautiful photograph is not my goal. I just want to keep one piece for one spot and it’s enough. Why? If I keep two plates or more, a feeling of likes and dislikes between the plates emerge within me. It is always a very unique moment when each image appears in a developing bath under safelight. The moment is an encounter with the birth of a new life. The life will keep on living even after my death. I am treating lives, not images. [/fade]



[fade]《Far East Series》


International Black & White
photography Contest

Monochrome Awards 2018

1st place monochrome awards 2018

1st Place Winner
Architecture Photographer
of the Year 2018


Man-made objects towering high to man-made heaven. by Yugo Ito (Japan)

Three systematic man-made objects. As if it towers high to heaven. What kind of mercy would it provide in the end?  Handmade Dry Plate Collodion Process, 4x5inch, 28th Aug 2017

Three systematic man-made objects. As if it towers high to heaven. What kind of mercy would it provide in the end?

Handmade Dry Plate Collodion Process, 4x5inch, 28th Aug 2017


And received two more titles

monochrome awards 2018


monochrome awards 2018



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Modern Seoul Dry Plate exhibition / Dry Plate Collodion Process Shooting & Processing Workshop
現代ソウル乾板写真展 /乾板写真 撮影&現像 特別体験会
현재 서울 건판사진전 / 건판사진 촬영&현상 특별체험회



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